Tuesday 11th April

| BY Finn Blythe

WATCH: Giorgio Armani’s New Frames Of Life Campaign

Who leaves voice notes? Well, apart from my Dad. His complete inability to send a text means that I am often treated to dictated shopping lists and cooking instructions. There’s also very little chance of me not immediately deleting a voice message were it to come from an anonymous number. I mean, I’ve seen the Saw films. Best way to avoid the classic heavy-breathing-down-the-phone-scenario is just to ignore any anon communications. That way you don’t get killed. Or something. Fortunately for Emma, voice message-sender in Giorgio Armani’s latest Frames of Life campaign film shot by Aussie up-and-comer Chris Sebastian Joys, her receiver, Tristan, does not delete. Clearly, he does not share our innate fear of being stalked by a violent serial killer. Both donning their very snazzy Armani specs, the pair galavant around Vienna, leading very separate lives with very different outlooks, but none of that really matters when you both share the same outstanding taste in eyewear. So what happens next? Well you’ll just have to watch the film above, won’t you?