Wednesday 25th November

| BY Jack Moss

Gucci: The Holiday Film

Presenting Gucci’s holiday film. Or as we’re calling it, “A Very Gucci Holiday”. Also known as “Intern Alex’s Fantasy Christmas”. See it as a guide to live out the holiday season as the perfect Gucci guy or gal. Which means being oh-so-thoughtful, reclining wistfully on vintage furniture and clutching accessories whilst the room moves in double-speed around you. Try that after a couple of Crimbo sherries. No mean feat. Oh, and you must be clad in Alessandro Michele’s Cruise collection in all its romantic, jewel-toned, gender playful glory. Of course. The film’s made to show off what great a great gift Gucci will make – “presenting a curated selection of the perfect gifts for you or for them,” they say. “From finely crafted accessories featuring signature details, to ready-to-wear designed with the House’s new romance, precious jewelry and watches and beautiful makeup and scents.” Because what more could you possibly want? Watch the film above…

Film by Harley Weir
Music: Physical Liaison by Clint Mansell.