Tuesday 1st November

| BY Jack Moss

Lily-Rose Depp’s Chanel N°5 L’Eau Film Is Released

Produced, as she was, from the heavenly loins of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, it is little wonder that Ms Lily-Rose Depp is the youthful visage of Chanel’s brand new N°5 L’Eau fragrance at just 17 years old. Which you knew already, because we told you months ago, but we bring up again because, months after the announcement, the house of Chanel have finally provided proof in moving video form. Yes this morning, her very first campaign film for the fragrance was released upon the hungry eyes of the world. And, as with all things involving the words Chanel, fragrance and film, it is a block-bus-ter, with Ms Depp serving up multiple personality disorder realness as she plays several different versions of herself. Party girl! Girl with light bulb! Muse! Night! Day! Composed! Excessive! Artist! And, to finish, a Les Mis moment with Ms Depp brandishing a large Chanel flag ‘pon the barricade. Vive la Revolution! Who needs a fucking show reel? A Lily-Rose by any other name would, as they say, smell as sweet. Especially when smothered in a large dousing of Chanel N°5 – L’Eau. Watch it above…