Friday 11th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Mati Diop Creates A Film In Lockdown For Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales Series

Now for some weekend watching recommendations from us here at Ten Towers. As part of Miu Miu’s on-going Women’s Tales series – which has featured contributions from Chloë Sevigny and Dakota Fanning – the house’s latest short film comes courtesy of Mati Diop. Entitled In My Room, the director shot the 20-minute flick during lockdown. “When Miu Miu proposed to me to make a film for Women’s Tales during confinement, in the midst of a health and social crisis, I thought it was a very delicate exercise but also a challenge that confronted me with essential questions about my practice as a filmmaker, ” explains Diop. “What story can I tell now, with minimal means, alone in my studio, that resonates with what the world is going through while being intimate?”

Throughout the film, Diop can be seen doing all the mundane stuff we all got up to during lockdown. Sitting in bed on her phone way after morning; diving into the fridge for a snack in the dead of night; throwing on a ball gown to have a dance around her flat, as you do. An honest portrayal throughout, Diop films everything – from emotional phone calls with loved ones to her actual emails setting up the film with Miu Miu in the first place. A thought-provoking flashback to all those months we were stuck indoors.