Wednesday 9th December

| BY Paul Toner

Mercedes-Benz and Adut Akech Throw The Most Glamorous Game Show of the Year

Countdown? Tipping Poing? The Price is Right? Whatever your poison is (or was) when it comes to crappy Saturday night telly, everybody loves a good game show. With the clubs still shut and all, a Chinese takeaway and a bit of The Wall  – you know, the one on BBC One where Danny Dyer switches on his serious geezer voice? – has been our lethal combo for suppressing dancefloor blues.

Luckily, supermodel extraordinaire Adut Akech is here to give us a much-needed serotonin boost with a game show of her own. Working with Mercedes-Benz and director Isaac Lock, the short sketch was made as a pick-me-up to ride out 2020 with. “It’s been a long year for everyone and it’s great to end it with such a fun project,” says Akech – who is joined by comedian and LGBTQIA+ activist, Mawaan Rizwan, as her co-host. Admittedly, the South Sudanese-Australian supermodel wasn’t into TV growing up, but makes her gameshow debut seem so effortless, she could easily pass as an ITV mainstay.

Three giddy contestants – including content creator Tim Dessaint and British actors Bel Powley and Nicholas Galitzine – all wack on some buzzers in the aim of winning the grand prize, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which is shown off by glamorous assistant, Josephine Jones. At one point, American design darling Michael Halpern even makes a cameo. We haven’t had this much of a laugh since Cilla Black used to present Blind Date.

Photography courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. You can watch the full film here.