Thursday 8th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

Mr. Doodle is The Latest Creative To Take Over the Rooftop of Fendi’s HQ

It’s rooftop party season, y’all! Well, it’s always rooftop party season at Fendi, thanks to their F is For… series. As part of the ongoing project, the Italian heritage house has been celebrating creatives coming from every walk of life and art. Musicians, graffiti artists and even BMX champions – everyone is allowed to be part of the Fendi family, as long as they can bring their talent to the roof of the Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, the brand’s Roman headquarters. The latest member of this unofficial creative collective is Sam Cox aka Mr Doodle. London-based and adorably ginger, the 25-year-old is a viral sensation with over 2.4 million people following his doodles around the world. Clearly influenced by the work of Keith Haring, Mr Doodle mostly uses one of those thick black whiteboard markers to create cartoon characters and then connect them with humorous scenarios, all while teaching his audience throughout the process. Mundane doodles turn artwork – and Fendi want a piece of it.

For the new episode of F is For… Mr Doodle takes his pen into action as he covers the giant mirrored letters spelling out “FF FENDI ROMA.” In the process, he also paints a couple of all-white Peekaboo bags – and you know how passionate we are about those. But as he continues to doodle for two days straight, it turns out not even Fendi can stop him… Watch the video above and see what happens when Mr Doodle goes wild.