Sunday 15th November

| BY Jack Moss

Prada: Olfactories Fragrances

According to our good friend Google, the olfactory system is the sensory system used for olfaction. Or, in words you may actually understand – your sense of smell. Obviously. Now, a keen sense of smell is a good – nay essential – thing when selecting a fragrance. Hence why “Prada Olfactories” seems a very apt name for their new perfume collection, one that promises, “potent concoctions of the unexpected, each provoking the surreal, cinematic experience of a partially remembered dream.” Ooh. So what would our own dreams smell like? Well, you probably don’t actually want to know. Let alone spread said scents upon your skin. However, Miuccia Prada and her band of perfumers obviously have sweeter smelling dreams – as Daniela Andrier, one of those perfumers, says – “dreams are really impressions when you awake. The colors and feeling are all broken up in one’s mind, and that’s how these fragrances were constructed—that these are possibly memories that belong to them, the consumers.” There are ten of the fragrances them in all – including Double Dare, Purple Rain and Heatwave (getting the music references yet?) – “combining contradictory, counterintuitive elements to provoke fantastical thoughts.” Watch the hypnotic, collage-style video above to fall into a Prada-approved trance…