Thursday 17th November

| BY Jack Moss

Prada Reveal Past Forward Their Short Film By David O’Russell

With a love for Prada that borders on what some may call hysterical, we present to you the latest morsel to emerge from the house in the form of Past Forward, their fascinating new short directed by the much lauded director David O’Russell. First shown in snippets as the backdrop for Miuccia’s SS17 collection, it has now been, if you like, “re-premiered” in a series of exclusive screenings across the world. Such exclusive attendees included Phoebe and myself, who joined a selection of other rabid Prada junkies at the London outing, held in the swanky Curzon cinema in Mayfair yesterday. Complete with Prada popcorn. Yes, we haven’t eaten solids since 1991, but you know, we’ll make an exception if it’s designer. The silent, black-and-white film, is a journey into a dreamlike world, art futuristic, part nostalgia for the films of Hitchcock and Antonioni, it follows three Prada glamazons – Allison Williams (check that wig), Freida Pinto and Kuoth Wiel – as they simultaneously live out a selection of surreal scenes. What’s real? What’s memory? What’s dream? Proper thought provoking stuff. Natch. The film also stars bevy, nay galaxy, of other H’Wood starlets (see how many you can spot) who make cameos of varying lengths, as well as a spectacularly wonderful dance routine. But we get told off for ruining stuff. “Miuccia Prada challenged me to make a work of cinema, like a dream, fuelled by strange mystery, suspense, fear, danger, beauty, conflict, romance, love, identity, and time,” David O’Russell says. “Here was the opportunity to make a journey guided by layers of movie memories, life images and emotions, with no aim except to create art — as if it were a painting or a sculpture — free from normal narrative or audience expectations. The cast and I worked simply for the joy of making art.”

Watch the film on Prada’s website below…