Friday 31st August

| BY Dino Bonacic

Selena Gomez Dances After Hours In The New Coach 1941 Video

Ok, so the Friday countdown is on. We’re just about to polish our dancing shoes (strappy Alaïas, bien sûr) and let loose. What’s the plan? Well, just look at Selena in the new Coach video – the desk is our dance floor. Directed by Bunny Kinney and soundtracked with Crazy On You by Heart (a tune of tunes), Selena twirls around the Coach offices after everyone leaves to the pub, clad in her own collection for the brand.

First thing’s first – Selena Gomez in the Coach offices? We need to get a placement there. Stuart Vevers – are you hiring? We’re sure Lady Neophitou will let us go for a month-long exchange if we promise to bring some good Selena stories. Secondly – the Selena Gomez x Coach collection is now on sale globally, and we can too now look the part of the pop-star stuck in an office. At least that’s what our inner selves tell us… So, let’s get our silky Coach slip dress on and dance like there’s no one watching! Except for that charming cleaner that is.