Friday 19th May

| BY Joel Traptow

TGIF# 71: An Ode To Richard Gray

There was a big birthday this week at Ten Towers – good old Richard Gray turned 109, incredible isn’t it?! Okay, he isn’t that old – at least we don’t think – a lady never gives away her age, but, then again, is someone a lady if all they wear is Junya t-shirts and baggy trousers? That isn’t a dig at the man’s style – no no, we love the way he dresses, his archive is really quite impressive. It even apparently contains a Chanel bag that is in the shape of an egg carton. Fab. So basically if you haven’t figured it out already this weeks TGIF playlist is all about Richard, who doesn’t actually work on Fridays so he is most likely at a pub three G&Ts deep. Jealz. Happy birthday again Mr Gray.

S’Express – Hey Music Lover

Horace Faith – Black Pearl

Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Saint Etienne

Donna Summer “State of Independence”

Raw Sewage – Walk This Way

Native New Yorker – Odyssey 

Björk – Venus As A Boy

Fattie Bum Bum – Carl Malcolm 

The Slits – Typical Girls

BBC TV Play Away 1970’s With Brian Cant