Friday 6th April

| BY Roxy Lola

TGIF #83: Cardi B

Today is a monumental day. The princess of rap (we all know who’s Queen), Miss Cardi B has released her much anticipated album, “Invasion of Privacy.” Since all we do here is think about fashion, wearing fashion, whilst writing about fashion, we obvs heard labels and only labels, interweaved into each hit. And yes, they’re all hits. We wouldn’t taint a TGIF Top Ten Tunes Playlist with anything less. We love a newly rich bitch on the block telling us about all her best purchases. Here are the ten best fashion references on Cardi’s album. They’re all so relatable. 

I Like It – “I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks. I like going to the jeweller, I put rocks all in my watch.”

Drip (feat. Migos) – “I gotta stay outta Gucci, I’m finna run outta hangers.”

Money Bag – “He can tell from the front I got ass behind me, and I park my Bentley truck on my Versace driveway.”

I Do (feat. SZA) – “Dress me down in that Raf, Saint Laurent jacket, dapper, dapper, I look fine and my checks defined.”

She Bad (feat. YG) – “Gucci bag, Fendi bag, Prada bag, Louis bag, Gucci bag, Gucci bag, Birkin bag, she in the bag.”

Bartier Cardi (feat. 21 Savage) – “Step in this bitch in Givenchy (cash), fuck up a check in Givenchy (cash), boss out the coupe and them inches.”

She Bad (feat. YG) – “Balenciaga momma, I know you heard about her, spoil me in Prada, I’m worth every dollar (cash).”

Best Life (feat. Chance The Rapper) “Police, no Andre, G like ‘Venchy, reach like ‘Bron James, pep talk from Yoncé.”

Bodak Yellow – “Look, I might just chill in some BAPE, I might just chill with your boo.”

Bartier Bardi (feat. 21 Savage) – “Saint Laurent Savage in an Aston, high end cars and fashion.”