Friday 27th April

| BY Roxy Lola

TGIF #86: The Royals

In probably our most important TGIF playlist ever, we have curated our top ten royal tunes in celebration of Prince Louis Arthur Charles’ birth and name reveal. Hard, thorough research has been put in to track down songs that revolve around the royals, including some played at Prince William and Kate’s wedding, as well as the Queen’s favourite tunes, Diana’s records and the musician who will play at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding next month. Let the celebrations begin. These are the ten royal records.

California Girls – The Beach Boys (supposedly the Queen’s favourite song).

Your Song – Elton John (the chosen tune for Kate and William’s first dance).

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover on cello) – Sheku Kanneh-Mason (the 19 year old cellist Meghan Markle has called upon for the Royal Wedding).

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen (following on from the above, Prince Charles has admitted he is a huge Cohen fan, saying, “ “He’s remarkable. The orchestration is fantastic and the words, the lyrics and everything. He is a remarkable man and he has this incredibly laid-back, gravelly voice.” Good taste). 

Hello – Lionel Richie (Princess Diana’s favourite song).

Numb / Encore – Linkin Park & Jay Z (Prince William has admitted to being a huge Linkin Park and R&B fan). 

Paradise – Coldplay (the only way Prince William could put George to sleep as a baby was singing this).

You’re the One That I Want – Grease (yes… Will and Kate also danced to this on the night of their wedding).

Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 (It was discovered Diana was a huge Beethoven fan, after 19 vinyl records of hers were discovered a few years ago, with a few Beethoven and Mozart symphonies in the mix).

What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong (because, Louis).