Thursday 17th November

| BY Jack Moss

Thom Browne And Spike Lee Celebrate New York For Moncler

Like we’ve been sitting too close to the tele, we’re getting square-eyed at the current stream of fashion films making their way into Ten Towers of late. Not a bad thing, by the way, especially when they are of such pedigree, as this latest film from Moncler is, directed by cult film director, Spike Lee. Made to celebrate the brand’s new boutique on Madison Avenue, which also happens to be their largest flagship on US soil, it’s a homage to New York. Entitled ‘Brave’, we are transported to an August day, when the city comes alive in stonking heat – as Lee said in a release (cum poem): “We will show New York City in all of its magnificent Glory and some of its Ugliness. We will see the Richness of the Diversity, People of all Races, Colors, Sexual Orientations and speaking Languages from all over the World. People from New York are LOUD, VIBRANT, MOVIN’, GROOVIN’ at a Break-Neck pace.” New York-based designer Thom Browne also offers his celebration of the city via a special unisex clothing collection in collaboration with Moncler, consisting of 28 Special Edition, one-of-a-kind duvet jackets, each one decorated to, when combined, create the American flag. They will be in formation at the flagship before being sold online with proceeds going to to Robin Hood, New York’s largest poverty fighting organization. Other pieces that Mr Browne has designed, including sweaters and accessories, will be available at the flagship, which, handily, is open now.