Thursday 11th August

| BY Jack Moss

Versace Release New Dylan Blue Campaign Video Starring Gigi Hadid

What’s the stink of Versace? Money and sex. Basically, the scent that we strive to achieve here at Ten Towers. It never really works, mostly because of the money part. We don’t have much money By which we mean: no money. However, we are hoping that if we douse ourselves in Dylan Blue, their brand new men’s fragrance we might not only smell like money and sex, but like Donatella herself, were she she to be rebirthed into beautiful male form. Not that we’ve actually smelt the fragrance yet, but what are Versace if not reliable? We have, though, watched this latest campaign video, created by the legendary Bruce Weber. It’s a bit West Side Story, isn’t it? If that including men in skimpy briefs and some mildly pornographic writhing about on Greek statues. Men of the heterosexual persuasion need not feel left out – the video also stars bodacious Californian beauty Gigi Hadid sporting a look on her face that can only described as thus: smouldering.

Photographer: Bruce Weber
Art Director: Sam Shahid
Stylist: Joe McKenna
Starring Gigi Hadid, Trevor Signorino, Alan Jouban, Louis Solywoda and Filip Sjunnesson
Hair: Didier Malige
Makeup: Fulvia Farolfii