Wednesday 2nd October

| BY 10 Magazine

WATCH: Victoria Beckham Talks Spice Girls-era Beauty Mishaps, Family and Her SS20 Collection, Backstage at LFW

Posh Spice. Vicky B. VB. Victoria Beckham. Call her however you want, but she’s one of our favourite women in the world. Always unapologetically herself with a healthy dose of humour, Vicky B (that might be our personal fave) is a trailblazing businesswoman with impeccable taste in fashion and beauty and a very busy schedule. Just in the past month, she’s launched her beauty range and shown her SS20 collection at London Fashion Week, both – of course – with great success. But what’s her worst make-up mishap? And what happens when her darling son Brooklyn finds himself backstage? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out as our Editrix Sophia Neophitou goes backstage at Beckham’s LFW recent show and gets up close and personal with the designer, style icon and all-round legend!