Friday 5th August

| BY Jack Moss

WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes At NikeLab x Riccardo Tisci

We are told there is some sort of large sporting event happening over the next two weeks. Who knew? We are also told that we may or may not be allowed to mention what this is because we haven’t paid 300 billion dollars in sponsorship or something. Phoebe said so. Not sure if that’s true or not, but, in the name of not getting sued, we will instead get our sporting fill from this latest video, filmed behind-the-scenes during the campaign shoot for Riccardo Tisci’s NikeLab collection. Which means hunky lads and ladies (specifically, gold medal sprinter Sanja Richards Ross and world record holding decathlete Ashton Eaton) doing such things as pulling themselves up on rings, a weird crab thing with a football and other physical activities that, as people who mainly sit in chairs, we know fuck all about. Looks good though. So too does the collection. Obviously. “It was interesting…a little bit of a difficult process because to make something that is very dynamic, to do sport and to do activity, and make it strongly recognizable — a fashion statement — is not easy,” said Riccardo Tisci. “But we achieved something that’s amazing. There’s a lot of sensuality.” Watch the film above…

The NikeLab x RT: Training Redefined kaleidoscope collection will be available on August 11th 2016 at and select NikeLab stores.