Friday 29th April

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Watch: Dunhill’s Made In Walthamstow Film

Jack and I have quite the tumultuous relationship. Filled with lots of ups and downs. I can’t think of the amount of times a day we confess how much we hate each other. Everyone at Ten Towers says that we are like a married couple and sadly I think I may have to agree with them. If we were a married couple Jack would be sleeping on the sofa at the moment for something that I can’t even remember. All in all though we make a great team. I’m the nasty to his nice. The loud to his quiet. The outrageous to his reserved. You get the gist. What makes a good team (probably with a lot less aggression) is the team at Dunhill. The love they show their leather goods is the love I deserve. For those of you who don’t know how lovingly Dunhill makes it’s attache cases, weekend bags and embossed wallets take a look at their Made in Walthamstow film which sounds a bit like a London based gangster thriller movie but couldn’t be further from it. Instead get a glimpse into the world of Dunhill. Specifically their London workshop and the goings on there. It could be in the edit but I’m going to bank on them never telling the bags they hate them. Jealous. So kick back and enjoy the show. And Jack, take note. This is how you treat a fine leather good. And I am the finest of (smooth and young) leather goods.