Monday 16th March

| BY 10 Magazine

WATCH: Join Us On A Tour of UK’s First Public Exhibition of Tom of Finland’s Work, As Guided by Durk Dehner

There’s not much you want to do the day after a party, especially one thrown by Tom of Finland and 10 Men. Get yourself a McDonalds maybe? Or perhaps just head straight to Boots to grab whatever could ease that headache even just a little bit. Though when Durk Dehner, co-founder of the Tom of Finland Foundation, invites you through a one-on-one tour around the UK’s first public exhibition dedicated to the late king of gay erotica, all remnants of a hangover are pushed aside. Dehner takes us on a guided trip around the House of Illustration, covering the backstories and legacies of each of the 70 pieces which make up Tom of Finland: Love and Liberation. And now you can experience the guided tour first hand, courtesy of our video and the kind of lesson in queer that doesn’t come around often…

‘Tom of Finland: Love and Liberation’ is open at The House of Illustration until June 21st.