Monday 30th January

| BY Jack Moss

WATCH: Fendi Have Released Their Brand New ABClick Film

See the product demonstrated here in Fendi’s brand new fashion film as a luxury equivalent of Garth Spencer’s “SPENCER” stamp, which he uses, like a urinating animal, to mark his belongings. Obviously us lowlives that inhabit Ten Towers are not to be trusted. But Mr Spencer is a luxurious gentleman, so we ask him: why say in ink what you can in fur? Take the example of Fendi, who have introduced their ABClick charms – a golden metal letter embellished with a little puff of fur to hang off your most precious items. Which come not only in A, B and C, as the name suggests, but also the other 23 letters of the alphabet. “ABClick take personalization to the next level thanks to the practical and innovative mini hook, that can be attached to the necklace, bag, Strap You, wallet or even shoes, literally everywhere in a…”click” !” says the release. Which means the only limit is your imagination. Or, in our case, bank balance. Watch in action above.