Tuesday 1st May

| BY Finn Blythe

WATCH: Inside ART SCHOOL’s SHOWstudio Residency

For two days only, Brockley based design duo Tom Barratt and Eden Loweth, aka the inimitable ART SCHOOL, will be opening SHOWstudio’s 2018 ‘Queer’ project. Joining the club alongside previous esteemed studio residents Charles Jeffrey, Gareth Pugh and Iris Van Herpen, the pair will be lifting the preverbial lid on their design process via a two day LiveStudio stream. Can you stitch queerness together? Is it waterproof? Does it bobble? These are all questions that they might (not) answer through this event that aims to celebrate and investigate the term, to offer transparency to its meaning and role in a changing industry.

High Concept Character is the name given to this digitised festival of creativity as well as the collection that follows – it arguably raises more questions than it answers, but then subversive thinking and avant-garde fashion was never meant to be spelled out for you. Now though, the mystery of a designer’s creative process is set to become a little bit less, well, mysterious, as Loweth and Barratt together with invited industry guests, close friends and members of the ART SCHOOL community, explore themes at the centre of their identity and vision. From slow fashion to trans aware tailoring and queer bodies, ART SCHOOL’s creations will take shape amid the backdrop of artist Dominic Myatt’s Quentin Blake-esque illustrations. According to la release we can expect a ‘promise of hard crystals and soft tailoring’. Tune in and soak up.

Illustration Dominic Myatt