Friday 19th May

| BY Finn Blythe

Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Stars In New Dior Film

Oh to be able to speak French. We’d move straight to Parie and become showgirls, develop an addiction to Gauloises cigarettes and only eat fresh baguette and brie until our suspenders burst. That’s just us though. We like to live life on the edge. And it’s all going to start with this new film from Dior, starring Jennifer Lawrence with some very lovely bags from their trés magnifique Pre-Fall 17 collection, and the French lesson they have kindly, if somewhat inadvertently, provided us. Now that we know the French for girl (La Fille), bag (Le Sac), flower (La Fleur), legs (Les Jambes) and lipstick (Le rouge à lèvres), we’re pretty much good to go. Directed by Fabien Baron (yes, the man behind Madonna’s Erotica music vid that was banned by MTV) this black and white film shows JLaw in all her beauty, only, don’t get in an argument with her because she might do something crazy, like push a glass of water off a table. Ooo. Watch the full clip above.