Tuesday 13th June

| BY Finn Blythe

Watch: Dior Homme’s AW17 Campaign Starring Dave Gahan and Lucas Hedges

In case you were looking for another reason to feel old, Kris Van Assche has been at Dior Homme for ten years. Cue much heavy sighing and bewilderment as to where the past decade of your life has disappeared to. We feel you, babes. To celebrate this rather special landmark however, Kris has delved into his own past and pulled up a few of his favourite things, namely, Depeche Mode front man Dave Gahan, who, alongside actor Lucas Hedges, stars in the latest Dior Homme ad campaign shot by David Sims. These colourful images are a far cry from the customary monochrome aesthetic of previous Dior Homme campaigns ft. A$AP, Boy George, R Patz and co. but hey, it is a ten year celebration after all.

And, speaking of letting loose, let’s have a little chat about this pretty major campaign vid, #intothenight, featuring some acid techno (RIP headphone users), lots of strobe and some models who are seriously wiling out. Then again, it’s difficult to do anything but, to that particular sub-genre, unless you’re Dave Gahan of course, who remains ice-cold behind a pair of shades. Lucas Hedges doesn’t look too fussed either tbh, but maybe he just doesn’t want to sweat in that Dior Homme pinstripe suit, which is totally fair enough. The whole thing reminds us of returning home from a night out, still feeling very um, energetic, and having to dance it off by yourself with a pair of headphones. No? Just us then.