Friday 10th February

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Watch Raf Simons’ First Calvin Klein Show At 3pm GMT

This is a moment. A big fashion moment. One of those moments that in 10 years or so, when hopefully you’ll be a fashion big wig, you can triumphantly tell all the youngsters “I was there”. The moment is, of course, Raf returning to womenswear with his debut at Calvin Klein. And I couldn’t be happier. Sadly I’m not there for real, but luckily the nice people over at Calvin Klein have provided us peasants with a livestream so we can pretend that we are there. I used to pretend I watched Eastenders when I was a kid so the cool kids would like me. This is far, far more chic. So shut up a sit down, the curtain is about to go up.