Wednesday 18th March

| BY 10 Magazine

WATCH: Our Shoe-obsessed Editrix-in-chief Sophia Neophitou Lets us in on Her Collection of 650 Pairs

“My shoes are everything!” exclaims our Editrix-in-chief Sophia Neophitou who is already widely known for her collection of over 650 pairs! But what do those pairs actually look like? Join Lady Neophitou on a close-up, personal tour of her stiletto faves, with each pair having its own personal backstory. For example, the notorious sky-high Wellington boots by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, originally worn by Kate Moss herself – how did they find their way onto Sophia’s feet? And what about a pair of Roland Mouret’s sandals named after her? Oh, and all the Alaïas… Allow yourself to get lost in a shoe paradise, courtesy of the chicest heel-addict out there. Take it away Sophia Neophitou…