Monday 30th October

| BY Joel Traptow

Watch The Victoria’s Secret Girls Talk Balmain In This Special Film

Olivier Rousteing could blink and something sexy would happen. Probably. The man is MAGIC – his love for women and incredible design talent are totally one of a kind. Hence why Victoria’s Secret approaching him for a special collaboration made total sense – I mean, can you think of a sexier combination? Olivier, who also happens to be besties with our Editrix-in-Chief (and VS Collections Creative Director) Sophia Neophitou, has created a section of lewks for the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, as well as a collaboration you’ll be able to buy in VS stores and wear at home (or wherever else you might wish to brandish your knickers). And, in celebration, watch the VS ladies talk Balmain, and how they feel when they wear Olivier’s creations, in the special video above. Unfortunately, as a 6’2 male I cant say I’ve had the opportunity to slip into a Balmain number (yet) but I feel fiercer just looking at them.