Thursday 11th January

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Commandments: Louis Vuitton’s Petit Malle Bag

10CGot your specs on? Then we’ll begin. Take your eyes to the top of this Petite Malle bag. See the black and white crimped-edge leather? This, says Nicolas Ghesquière, is based on the brogue. You know brogues: zigzag-trim leather and perforations on the upper and a shoe you usually only see in menswear. We’ll have none of that, says Ghesquière, and for autumn takes these details and weaves them throughout the womenswear accessories collection. It’s a typically clever move from the handsome one, as proper brogues take hours to craft correctly. It’s his way of acknowledging the craftsmanship of the house. This version is the Epi leather bag and was based on the personal orders of a prestigious customer of the house, a man by the name of Albert Kahn. This chap (a banker by trade) was a huge customer of Louis Vuitton and, from 1911, ordered numerous trunks for his trips around the world. Sometimes you’ll see three white crosses on the LV accessories – this was Kahn’s own personal mark, and it lives on, appearing on a select few accessories. A rather chic way to be remembered. Note, too, the hammered leather on each corner. This was used by luggage makers to protect your case when travelling. It’s another gesture from the past propelled into the future and very Louis Vuitton.

Taken from the latest issue of 10, REBEL HEART, on newsstands now…

Collages by Betrayal Junkie