Sunday 24th May

| BY 10Magazine

10 Looks: Miu Miu

To use an obvious John Waters quote, they were all ratted up like teenage jezebels at Miu Miu. Cha-cha heels on their feet and so fuckin’ beautiful they couldn’t stand it themselves. I know that nice girls don’t wear cha-cha heels, but who said they were nice girls? And yes, I’m mixing up the Waters films, but does it matter? This woman exists in 90% of them, so to make it easier, we shall simply christen her “the Baltimore lady”, as having only visited the city via the medium of cinema I’ve come to assume that all ladies who live there have a certain look about them: that of a pissed-off juvenile delinquent. Freshly released from reform school, they wear their fashions with a scowl/sneer; they’re free women and their lives are about to begin. Their clothes say they are in command. But then again, a ruffle and a shiny layer have always had the power to say that. Is it their fault everybody’s jealous of them just because they’re pretty?

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

By Natalie Dembinska