Wednesday 20th January

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TM 56 Prada Cover

Editor’s Letter:

A momentous life event happened for me last December: I turned the big FIVE-OH.

The main change was contemplation. I spent time reflecting, thinking of things that had made me laugh and cry, excited me, captivated me, filled my heart with happiness and sadness – all those cherished moments, which can occasionally happen without you realising at the time. Then you pause, look back and understand how life should be lived: to the full, with each moment well and truly relished. Each journey, no matter how bumpy and difficult, can sometimes be the most fulfilling and gratifying experience, where you can end up learning more than you ever anticipated.

Along my own specific journey, there have been women, in fashiondom, who have empowered and inspired me. In this issue I really wanted to find a way to celebrate and shine a light on how truly brilliant and inspiring these superwomen are on every level, women who, with their conviction, tenacity, creativity, purity of vision and fearlessness, have carved out pathways to creative freedom and paradise.

They have proved that anything is possible – the sky’s the limit.

What else have I learnt? Dream big and never be afraid to make mistakes. You learn from them, so embrace change and carpe diem – seize the day!

Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou

(eternal dreamer and forever young at heart)

10 Magazine, Issue 56, STRENGTH WOMAN SUPREME, on newsstands January 26th…

Photographer: Richard Burbridge
Fashion Editor: Sophia Neophitou
Model: Molly Bair at The Society Management, wearing Prada