Monday 13th February

| BY Jack Moss

10 Minutes Backstage With Jeremy Scott


Have you ever found yourself sandwiched between the flesh of Kylie Jenner and a dozen Victoria’s Secret models in various states of undress? Of course not. Because this is not real life. This is the very much more fabulous life of Jeremy Scott, a world we entered as we nipped backstage at his AW17 show this weekend for a quick gab with the man himself. And when we say ten minutes, we actually mean more like two. He’s a busy man. Call it a concentrated Scott shot. So, Jez, how did the collection come about? “Well, it’s about this idea of worship, that’s where the whole As Seen On TV thing came in, how we worship these idols, like Elvis and Marilyn as much as we do Jesus… and that’s how we’ve got ourselves in this situation where we now have this entertainer-in-chief.” And what is it about nostalgia? “It’s fun! Fashion should be fun!” The lady for the season? “Well, with me there’s always going to be that LA girl thing, but this was a bit boudoir, a bit cut-off sweater in others, always eclectic” At which point Suzy Menkes bustles between us and asks for a picture. With Jeremy, not me. General chaos ensues. So we say bye Jeremy! and slip off into the night. Well, less slip, more accidentally walking out alongside Gigi Hadid and get shouted at by several large paps to “get out of the fucking way”. Have a look on the DM, you might see me in the background.