Tuesday 4th October

| BY 10 Magazine

A.P.C.: Ready-to-wear SS17

Intellectual therefore erotic. Denim, denim, denim. Against the empire of signs. Hysterically normal. Tone on tone on tone. Camouflaged by normality. Naively sexy. These aren’t just random words we’ve strung together by the way, they’re taken from the press release that was sent to our inboxes post the A.P.C. presentation. A GIF press release no less, where the words flashed up ad hoc in bright colours, blink, and you might miss a word. What does this mean in relation to the clothes though? Classic A.P.C. French minimalism at it’s best. Maybe minimalism is the wrong, think more a homage to simplicity, with a touch of French girl guide thrown in. Heavy duty cotton drill shaped into sweet little peacoats and macs, worn over bare skin, a-line denim skirts with the back pockets on the front, creating a slight I woke up like this vibe. A-line dresses in purple or orange added a vibrancy, whereas cotton shirts, shrunken down mens versions of, and simple, straight legged dark denim jeans rounded out the offering for SS17. And how does one celebrate French simplicity? With a little shimmy on the runway, like the models here. Who hasn’t felt like doing a little dance when they happen upon the perfect jean? Sometimes it’s nice to just see well made clothes, rather than ‘fashion’.