Tuesday 1st September

| BY Jack Moss

Acne Studios: AW15 Campaign

When referring to anybody younger than me, usually when they are doing better in life, my default reaction is – “What? They are like twelve!” Of course, this is usually an overstatement – but in the case of Acne’s latest campaign, it’s actually true. 11 years old, in fact. Ignoring the more obvious choices for a womenswear ad, Jonny Johansson, the brand’s creative director, instead cast his school-age son, Frasse, as the sole model. “I wanted to portray that feeling of first experiences with fashion, like a kid is experimenting with their look for the first time,” Johansson said. “This campaign is not at all about gender, but presenting this new breed that I think Frasse represents.” Frasse wasn’t bothered about being dressed up in women’s clothing – “it doesn’t matter to me if it is ‘girl’ clothes or ‘boy’ clothes, I don’t really feel that there is a difference. It was totally fine. No problem.” There was one thing – “heels are hard to walk in though.”

Photographer: Viviane Sassen