Friday 19th June

| BY 10Magazine

Acne Studios Cruise 2016

All hail the return of the tattoo choker, that emblem of nineties rebellion, worn by angst teenage girls the world over. Well now it can be worn by stylish ladies  the world over once again. For it has returned, making a special guest appearance in the Acne cruise collection. It even has the short boyish hair to match. All thats missing is a baby barrette, but who knows what accessory they’ll resurrect come September. Anyway, the clothes. Apparently this was inspired by the work of artists Albert Gleizes and Mario Schifano as spied in the Marella Agnelli book, so basically art owned by Marella Agnelli. So think cubism, and patchwork. It’s basically geometric shapes in bright hues sewn over the top on one another. It’s layered, like the clothes. And when you look at them,even the clothes have a geometric quality, the flaps on the jackets and  trenches, the shape of the culotte, the line of the wrap over skirts. Cruise it would seem is all about a textured, patch worked angle.

By Natalie Dembinska