Acne Studios: Pre-Fall 2016

School gyms are terrifying places. Everybody knows this. They are the places of PE and assemblies, both of which are the low point of anybody’s educational careers. But when Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios, chose to show his Pre-Fall 2016 collection in one, our minds began to be changed. Maybe that parquet floor isn’t a harbinger of germs, after all? If Acne have said it’s fine, it must be – they are harbingers of good Scandinavian taste, lest we forget. It was a fitting setting for it all to take place, really, the collection about girl gangs – well, cliques, but the same thing – and where do girl gangs run free but in the school gym? “I’m interested in how groups of kids mirror each other’s looks and wear certain items for a sense of belonging,” Johansson said. “I wanted to explore that short period where there’s that tension between individuality and the group dynamic.” This meant clothing inspired by teenage clans – conservative two-sets with raised boucle pinstripes, long camel coats and fluid silk trousers sat alongside more in-your-face acid-toned checks and knee-length python boots. An eclectic wardrobe for moody girls everywhere.