Monday 24th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Agnona: Ready-to-Wear SS19

50 Shades of Camel… That’s the unofficial title we here at Ten Towers gave the latest Agnona collection. For SS19, the brand’s artistic director Simon Holloway looked at all the ways chic women dress on the daily. It’s the expression of sartorial perfection that peaked his interest. And why not? We all know those women that look impeccable no matter what they wear. Whether it’s their classic suiting, workwear-inspired cazh looks or even your everyday sports bra – all of these classic wardrobe codes have now been reimagined through a very luxurious filter. A filter called Agnona.

The textiles in case were vicuña poplin, Nappa leather, 18-gauge silk organza yarn… All the finest materials imaginable came together in revamping classic looks into something extraordinary. The opening one, a monochromatic three-piece suit with a matching bra worn by Edie Campbell, was the perfect embodiment of the woman Holloway speaks to. She’s effortlessly chic, gliding down the street, on her way to make a world a better place. And with just the perfect trench billowing in the air behind her and a pair of comfy cashmere-topped trainers, she can conquer the world. She’s all that.

Photo by Jason-Lloyd Evans.