Wednesday 25th November

| BY Claudia Croft

Maison Alaïa Revisits Cult Pieces for the House’s Archive for Editions

Some things never get old. You can’t say that about fashion, where most trends have the lifespan of a damselfly. The exception is Azzedine Alaïa. The master couturier, who died in 2017, perfected an aesthetic that feels both modern and timeless. Three years after his death, the house he founded continues to grow. Today, that house celebrated its heritage, with the launch of its latest Edition range. This collection is made up of faithfully reproduced pieces from Mr Alaïa’s past collections. Think of it as an icons-only, greatest hits collection, sold alongside the brand’s seasonal output.

Highlights of this instalment of Editions include his signature cross over bra top from 1984, the cinched corset bag from 1992, the black skater dress from 2007, the ethereally draped Goddess dress of 2004 and a lean lace column from 1993. The wonder of Alaïa Editions, which goes on sale online today, is you can take pieces made decades apart, wear them together and they work beautifully.

The house launched its Editions 2020 collection with a special live and digital event introduced by Alaïa’s long time muse Naomi Campbell and starring the French-Moroccan dancer, model, and choreographer Hajiba Fahmy. Wearing a long white lace crinoline dress form 2007, she performed in a specially built set at the Gaité Lyrique cultural centre for the digital arts in Paris. Four cameras, plus 3D and light projections respond to Fahmy as she swirled, leapt and span. Dancer, dress and space became one.

Photography courtesy Maison Alaïa.