Wednesday 31st May

| BY Jack Moss

Alexa Chung Reveals Her Namesake Label’s First Collection

The boys of Ten Towers spend many a day searching for spousal candidates (Garth is STILL hoping to be a “summer bride”) via whatever means necessary. Unfortunately, however, there seems to be a lack of ways to find men who are 1) very rich and 2) very very close to death. Would it be gauche to start cruising in a private hospital? Inappropriate? Possibly. But what if, as Alexa Chung demonstrated last night, you could eschew convention and instead just marry yourself? Because yes, I might not be rich, but I’m pretty much the best person I know. And if you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you going to love anybody else (cc Ru Paul)? And didn’t Carrie Bradshaw marry herself and got a pair of Manolos out of it? We want expensive footwear.

You might be wondering what, exactly, we are talking about, so let us continue: last night, Ms Chung revealed her brand new namesake (in caps, no space) brand ALEXACHUNG via a wedding-like presentation in a chapel somewhere near Regent’s Park. Phoebe and I very much enjoyed the occasion mostly because it had all those things that a good wedding should: namely, a large choir of singing children, plenty of booze and a confetti canon (Phoebe’s planning on getting one for wedding number 2). “I had been joking about marrying myself to this brand, which Is where the wedding concept came from,” Alexa said. “I wanted it to feel ceremonial, to bring a sense of occasion to the unveiling of the collection. It’s been a long journey to get to this day and I was so happy to be able to share it with all my closely friends and family along with my peers from the fashion industry who I have admired along the way”.

The collection itself was a sort of rattle through Alexa’s own (and very nice) wardrobe and, like her wardrobe, it was: a bit preppy, a bit vintage, great jeans. On the one hand, casual – slogan sweaters worn with sensibly calf-length denim skirts or boyfriend-cut jeans, roomy striped cotton shirts, lots of brill knitwear. On the other, and for the dressier “Chung-ite” there were Victoriana-tinged gowns, elongated at the collar, silky Hanfu-style mini dresses, a full on sequin eleganza moment. Some nice little shift dresses. Could we call it French ingenue meets English rose? Sure. Something for everyone, really. And the best bit? It’s on sale now. Right now. Just clickety click on the website below and get shopping…