Friday 27th March

| BY Dino Bonacic

Alexander McQueen’s New Jewellery Collection is All About Handmade Craft

While shopping for a piece of jewellery right now might seem a bit outlandish, it’s also perhaps one of the few luxuries you can promptly display in your daily HouseParty work calls and make yourself appear slightly less glam than the usual pair of old trackies and a full head of unwashed hair. Consider Alexander McQueen’s new collection of jewellery, inspired by the notion of taking time to make things as a community.

The crafty, hand-manipulated shapes have an artisanal feel to them and are made in brass reminiscent of an antique gold you might find in your grandmother’s jewellery box. The double wire chokers and bangles represent the mundane activities of doodling and weaving transformed into extraordinary objects of desire. Their pendant family features a large charm set with a garnet red glass stone, while the matching asymmetric earrings merge with woven metal hoops. Perhaps the most breathtaking out of the bunch is the Rose Seal family, inspired by the Victorian wheel seal traditionally used to wax sealing letters as well as the Tudor Rose with the petal-like details. Tradition revisited – it’s the McQueen way.

Photographs by Chloe Le Drezen. The Alexander McQueen SS20 jewellery collection is now available to shop online.