Tuesday 16th May

| BY Finn Blythe

Alexander McQueen: Pre-Fall 2017

Nothing says girl power like a fair medieval maiden. Which is what Alexander McQueen’s latest offering is giving us. And not one of those whingy ones that need a prince to rescue them from some sort of tall tower – no, we’re talking about the kind of medieval maiden who would have hiked up her dress (maybe tucked it into her leather bodice), pinned back her hair and climbed down herself, thank you very much. But what about her hands you ask? Climbing down a brick wall has a way of drying them out, no? Well, not that she cares – but that’s what those foldy studded leather gloves are for. So let’s call this, the house’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection, garb for noblewomen – what Joan of Arc might have slipped into after an exhausting day on the battlefield, or what Eleanor of Aquitaine may have worn to swan about her regal gardens, swatting her courters away with those gloves. They’re multi-purpose. And the jewellery! Big rocks that look as though they have just arrived from outer space and probably give magical powers, because medieval maidens have strong, powerful necks and robust earlobes that can support such things. For the more formal occasion there is some great tailoring – strong shoulders and what we’ll call a mini train – she’s glam but means business. It’s a yes from 10.