Thursday 21st November

| BY Dino Bonacic

Alexander McQueen: Pre-Spring 2020

Sarah Burton has great taste in flowers – and we’re not just saying that because our Editrix received a wonderful bouquet of white and green foliage reminiscent of a woodland nymph earlier today. For her Pre-Spring 2020 collection at Alexander McQueen, Burton yet again dipped into the rich herbarium of rare and endangered species that enrich the nature with their vibrant colours, architectural shapes and pure beauty. The collection, which is hitting the stores worldwide as you read this, is overflowing with poetic interpretations of flowers in all forms.

Some garments reflect the shape in the way they are cut – an ombré black and red minidress is the finest example, making the model look like a giant stem of cockscomb. A selection of perfectly-tailored suits takes their hues directly from petals – a fuchsia twinset in McQueen’s signature longline-jacket-cropped-trouser silhouette exudes of floral energy. And then there’s the floral prints – a lot of them and in a variety of sizes – bringing in that eternally romantic sensibility Burton always communicates through.

Just like in nature, these garments are all about balance – exuberance of saturated colourways and 3D volumes is streamlined against strict, almost military-like elements such as the olive green gabardine fabrics, statement gold buttons and exposed pockets. As masterfully put together as Vivaldi’s Spring, the Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring 2020 collection is in full bloom. And so are we, dreaming of twirling in a field of marigolds while dressed in one of these masterpieces…