Tuesday 6th March

| BY Roxy Lola

Alexander McQueen: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Sarah Burton dived deep inside a metamorphosis. This was an enhanced exploration of transformation, each piece morphed into the next. An evolution. It felt like we were in the promised land, birds chirped in the distance, tropical jungle sounds, a total utopia but with all that Alexander McQueen dark and twisted wicked excellence to it. Razor sharp tailored black suit jackets glided gracefully, falling longer at the back and lined with a passionate red duchess satin. That red was the core of the collection, streamlined down loose tailored pants and making marks on coats. Bonded leather was so cleverly cut raw, yet fell and draped in sculpted perfection, sometimes cinching waists as corsets.

Morpho butterfly prints fluttered onto dresses, wing-like under suit jackets and wrapping around bodies. That fiery red splashed onto black dresses, softly fringing and shining like a Scarab beetle. A deep forest green crept onto quilted leather jackets, cocooning them and felt quite warrior like on a belted wool dress and suit. A sugary pink mini dress with it’s larger than life shoulders mimicked a butterfly opening it’s wings. Getting our hearts racing. And then the butterfly was on it’s way in floating chiffon gowns, flamingo pink and the deepest, darkest black with their fine layered fringing and delicate trains. It was buzzing with the sense of new life, a still calmness as we watched a metamorphosis happen, each piece soulfully connected. Sarah Burton knows how to work that breathtaking magic.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans