Sunday 14th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Alexander Wang: Ready-to-wear AW16

Alexander Wang is always down with the kids – there are a few kids here at 10 Towers, and we know they’d love to wear Wang’s wares. This season his collection was shown in a church, but if the models were part of the congregation we reckon they’d be the ones sat in the back smoking and maybe drinking more Communion wine than the ceremony really necessitates. In short, they’d be the bad seeds, the kind of girls (and guys – because there were a few of them in the show too) who wear sweaters with a writhing stripper on a pole knitted into them like a fancy hood ornament, or with strips of censored-style tape hiding bare boobs under sheer lace. Those are a bit blatant – you may just get away with rocking up to a christening in a neat wool coat patterned with pretty Hawaiian print… that turns out to be cannabis leaves. And a natty super-short tweedy suit steers just (about) the right side of the naughty/nice equation.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans