Sunday 11th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Alexander Wang: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Hello and welcome to Wang INC. This was Alexander Wang getting down to business. Secret business. Forget the chaotic craziness of the Wang Fest, this was all sleek, chic Wang. The staccato sound of walking – women in heels – echoed through the eerie office space of 4 Times Square, fluorescent strip lights flickering, buzzing, threatening to expose what was coming. Footsteps quickened, running, the office lit up and the robotic procession began. These women were on a mission, wearing all the best bits of a classic Wang collection, this time less sporty and more tailored, sharp with a serious smartness to it all. Silver embellishments shined on every piece forming gleaming zippers, chains on handbags and bedazzling tights and gloves. They wore backpacks and held handbags simultaneously because working girls need practicality. Duh.

Functional yet still that Wang signature in short leather skirts and bum bags slung over the shoulder, a new and improved version of his most popular accessory. Hair was slicked back, fastened by huge silver banana clips engraved with ‘Alexander Wang’. We love to be branded. Casual work shirts were oversized and cut to be cropped up the front, ‘A. Wang’ displayed on the front. Girls were disguised behind small but discreet sunglasses, streamlined. After a machine like techno march, Strangers In The Night from the Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack felt like a sweet interlude, reminding us of the slouchy flow that Wang does so well, this time elevated into an office environment. Modern CEO. And then they kicked back into action for the finale. Go get ‘em, girls. Looks like we’re signing up to Wang Inc. We want in.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans