Thursday 8th September

| BY Roxy Lola

Alexander Wang: Ready-to-wear SS17

Wang’s gang were on a mission. Those girls and boys really powered themselves down that catwalk. Now, we know Alexander Wang loved hip hop, rnb and rap during the ’90s. And that was here – not only in the music, that literally made the floor shake (ooft), but in the clothes. A nineties revival, a renewed sense of street. Coming-of-age street wear. They seemed a bit angry, Wang’s gang. There were rushes of colour. Bra tops with skirts and shorts edged with lace. Midriffs pulled in at the waist. Straps wrapped around the waist, a kind of new take on the corset. Images of beach babes printed on hoodies. Western style sneakers and sandals with ankle cuffs. And then, surprise! Adidas appears on the screen, and out stomped the models once again, debuting for the first time a collaboration with Adidas. Black, white stripes, baggy shapes, an upside down Adidas logo. Two shows for the price of one. Fabulous. Safe to say Wang has his mojo back. And we love that mojo.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans