Sunday 10th September

| BY Jack Moss

Alexander Wang : Ready to wear SS18

For SS18, Alexander Wang held a #WANGFEST. What’s a #WANGFEST? A festival of Wang, duh. Like a regular festival, except not really – no queueing for the bogs, no vomiting on a stranger and no smuggling a bottle of Glens down your knickers – nope, in Wang’s world, a festival involves a very large bus. Coach, I suppose. Said coach, emblazoned with #WANGFEST, pulled up onto a street of warehouses in Brooklyn and proceeded to let out a load of young supers who then stomped their way around a carpark.

Now, disclaimer: being in a metal pen with several hundred people and thus ending up lodged into someone’s armpit, it is difficult for me to make my usual very insightful commentary on the clothes – but from what I could see, they did that thing that Wang is very good at, namely: creating clothes that teeter somewhere between sexy and sporty – a slinky white mini for Kaia, who opened, sparkly bra tops, deconstructed jersey dresses, the adidas three-stripe on funnel-neck track tops — a preview of his next collection with the sporting powerhouse.

It was all very Wang. Down with the kids. Enough to give you a Wangover, perhaps? That was spelt out in crystals on the feathery headdresses. Because what’s a festival without some sort of head decoration? Crack out those deely boppers.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans