Monday 3rd June

| BY Dino Bonacic

Alexander Wang: Ready-to-wear SS20

It was a celebration of the best of American fashion at Alexander Wang Spring/ Summer 2020. Just like the best of music and sports spectacles, the show took place at the Rockefeller Centre on a Friday night, the first ever fashion show to be held at the location. But instead of a mash-up of greatest hits or an all-star cast, Wang served a lesson in history of American sportswear. Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren were the names Wang paid homage to, somewhat directly but still keeping in with his signature tongue-in-cheek character. Like a clear demonstration of his influences, each of the three icons got their spotlight in the collection.

Razor-sharp shoulder pads and maxi coats from Karan, slashed sex-appeal and Marky Mark briefs à la Klein, and the collegiate, All-American prepsters via Lauren. Curated through the contemporary American silhouettes of Alexander Wang, the conversation between the three distinct aesthetics flowed effortlessly from one to the other. In a way, the stories Karan, Klein and Lauren started in their early days are the same stories Wang is continuing today. But in no moment has the fashion seemed outdated. With covetable accessories, rehashed logos and a diverse cast of 2019 glitterati sashaying down the Rockefeller Center (Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live had his catwalk debut), we got a show that couldn’t be attributed to anyone else but Alexander Wang. Off the schedule, but very much turned on – that’s is how we like it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.