Thursday 16th June

| BY Phoebe Briggs

Altuzarra: Resort 2017

Joseph Altuzarra has always thought of the British, and particularly their accents, as a most sophisticated breed. Needless to say, after conversing with yours truly on such cultural highs as Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock’s new TV show, ‘Ballers’, and what makes triple fried chips (translation: for any of Joseph’s fellow Americans, these are the potato-based product otherwise known as fries) so much more delicious than a standard chip, I managed to shatter his long held beliefs. Job done. Thankfully, even this Brit may attain a level of sophistication were I to be fully garbed in Altuzarra Resort 17, which I hope gives him some solace. Boxy tailoring with button detailing on blazers, dresses and skirts gave a nod to an eighties, let’s call it Working Girl-esque, wardrobe, which, by chance, was an inspiration point for Joseph.”I wanted to explore the idea of a tougher, more irreverent femininity, inspired by the sensual ease of the late 80’s,” he said “by a mood suggesting a hint of danger and adventure.  All rather racy. As were the lacy overlays on knits and zip-up python booties. As a child of the eighties (which it turns out, Joseph is too, although his skincare routine belies this fact – he looks at least decade younger) I can’t think of a better era to channel through one’s fashions.