Wednesday 17th June

| BY 10Magazine

Amanda Wakeley London Pre Collections

There’s something very glamorous about the Amanda Wakeley lady isn’t there? Something very Dynasty. We’re thinking Krystle. Actually we’re thinking Alexis too. There’s just something about a floor length column in some silky fabrication that makes you think, wouldn’t this look simply divine worn during a staircase cat fight. Something about the royal blue, the movement of silky fabrication just lends itself to be draped over a banister while being socked in the face. This would give good drape. And for every other glamorous cat fight situation you may find yourself in with your equally glamorous nemesis, why not choose from the selection of sharply cut sleeveless numbers and well tailored cropped trousers? Sometimes a girl just wants a trouser for a cat fight, so she can get really rough and tumble, and not worry about tripping over her hem.

By Natalie Dembinska