Monday 8th May

| BY Jack Moss

An Exclusive Teaser Of Alexa Chung’s New Label

Ouuu, an exclusive. Like what proper mags say. Here’s your first look inside the world of ALEXACHUNG, the “coming soon” eponymous label of, as the name would suggest, Alexa Chung. Not much in the way of the actual clothes here (jodphurs are model’s own, apparently), rather a special behind-the-scenes of her new fashion film, ALEXACHUNG Dressage, in which Ms Chung adds another string to her bow – that being the art of horse dancing, prancing about upon a white horse whilst writing the brand’s new logo using only the horse’s hooves. Isn’t she clever? The film, made to reveal said logo as well as the brand’s Instagram, @alexachungstagram, is a teaser for the brand’s full launch on the 30th May (note: we’ve seen a preview – it’s brill). Alexa said this morning that the film, directed by the Grammy award winning filmmaker duo Daniel and Lorin Akill, is “a tongue in cheek celebration of the dedication, precision, skill and determination needed to develop and create something aesthetically pleasing, coupled with the feeling that you could spend endless amounts of time trying to create something that means a lot to you, hoping that some might appreciate it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess itʼs supposed to be funny. Nevertheless it was a joy to make and a dream to work with Lorin and Daniel”. Watch the film here, or, alternatively, bask in the beauty of Alexa and her equine pal above. Neigh!