Friday 3rd March

| BY Jack Moss

Ann Demeulemeester: Ready-to-wear AW17

Can’t quite decide whether this, Ann Demeulemeester’s latest offering, was a wedding or a wake. Veils do tend to suggest matrimony, but the strong prevalence of black in this collection perhaps led us more down the path of lady mourner. Could we call her a black widow? Not that you necessarily need to be in mourning or be a widow to wear this – that would involve finding a husband in the first place and would be a waste of good fashions. And, besides, we wouldn’t want to wish death on anyone (just yet). But instead, you can channel said lady – because is there really anything more fabulous than a black-clad veiled woman laying a single red rose upon a gravestone? We would suggest Exit 37 for such an activity – all black, obviously, floaty of skirt, buttoned up of chest and complete with a big black veil, embroidered with flowers and sat right atop the head. And, if you have an affinity for it – why not make it a career? Professional mourning always seemed like something we’d be good at.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans