Monday 21st December

| BY Jack Moss

Antonio Berardi: Pre-Fall 2016

It’s Antonio Berardi’s birthday today. Happy birthday Antonio! It’s also Sophia’s birthday. And Natalie’s. And my brother’s. What a day! To celebrate this Sagitterean festival of birth in a way that’s not alcohol based (we are all feeling a little worse for wear after Sophia’s wonderful soiree last night), let’s all bask in the wonderfulness of Antonio Berardi’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection. Basically, it’s a full wardrobe for the modern, fabulous woman – perfect LBDs, structured, origami outerwear, a smattering of print. Tailoring perfection. A gorgeous puff of tulle. And all presented on strutting, empowered lady. Get out of her way. She’s got places to be. Keep up.